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Bidefort Global provides solutions for companies engaging in voluntary, mandatory, and mandatory with options corporate actions.

Corporate actions are not events to be taken lightly and can cost substantial amounts to complete.

Any event that brings or could bring an actual change to the securities issued requires thorough planning and even more careful implementation. Bidefort Global’s experience managing stock splits, dividends, mergers and acquisitions, rights issues, and spin-offs provides your company with a head start, giving you a much higher probability of achieving the result you seek.

We have been through most of these situations several times, and while all are unique and are treated as such, there are common themes and processes that affect the success of an action. Ensuring full compliance and foreseeing potential stumbling blocks along the way are some of the benefits the Bidefort Global team brings to your side.

We have established strategies for specifically focusing attention on activist or dissenting investors if needed, and an accurate and current record of voting intentions enables you to quickly change your focus and tackle issues that might otherwise derail your plans if unattended.

Bidefort Global has developed several methods of minimizing client risk. Control measures, such as online connectivity platforms, ensure end-to-end efficiency and effectiveness for managing corporate action reporting and instruction.

Our custody system supports SWIFT’s ISO 15022 standards, enabling increased straight-through processing on many corporate actions, reducing timeframes, and considerably reducing risk by eliminating inefficiencies.

If your company is listed on an OTC exchange, you will need to inform FINRA about your corporate action.

For more information about our comprehensive corporate action solutions, please contact Bidefort Global.